British Food, the Diverse Cuisine of Many Cultures

British food has so many traditional specialties spread throughout England like Yorkshire pudding, gingerbread, Cumberland sausage and apple cider.  In the farmland that covers much of England, farmers grow staples like potatoes, barley, wheat, sugar beets, oats, and fruits. There is such a varied culture in England so British cuisine spans from traditional meals to one of the most popular dishes served, chicken tikka masala.

Lamb, mutton, beef and fish, just as much as meat, are eaten throughout England in British cuisine. Fresh fish is available all year long including mackerel, haddock, cod, sole and salmon. Shellfish, such as crabs, mussels and oysters are also available in coastal towns. Cheese is also produced in England and there are many local kinds. Cheddar is the most famous.

The British are famous for their large cooked breakfasts and afternoon tea comprising of sandwiches and flavorful pots of tea. British food recipes with worldwide trends have also been added to the mixture with sushi and curries. Takeaway and street food is very popular in England with fish and chips sprinkled with salt and vinegar, prawns sprinkled in malt vinegar, and pasties of meat and vegetables cooked in a pastry crust.

When a family is able to sit down to dinner together, a roast is traditionally served with meat pudding, roasted potatoes and vegetables. Don’t forget the gravy! That is also very important as well as sauce. During the colder and rainy months, a hearty stew topped with scones will warm anyone up. After dinner, the delectable variations of British desserts will help with your sweet tooth craving. You will surely love the delicious British food recipes that can be found here.

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